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The Adventures of a Dream Chaser!

Amid the homeschooling, jewelry designing, gem and mineral shows, domestic enginering, jewelry class instructing, and quality parenting, (don't laugh!) I find myself asking one monumental question! Who am I? Yes, I know who I am, or at least who I want to be. I am clear on the big things, whatever those are?. I'm sure if your life has ever been busy, then you have discovered that it is easy to lose track of yourself from time to time.

I am no writer. Just a Wife, Mother, Business Owner, Teacher, Arist... etc., who believes in the Journey! Or I should say, I believe in the Shared Journey! If you have met me in person, then you have become a part of my journey and I of yours. I think if there is one thing I put tremenodous value on, it would be humanity. I mean, each and every person who lives on this planet! With every connection I feel added to.

This is an invitation! I would like to invite you to be a part of my journey! My hope is that if you except the invitation, that you will let me be a part of yours! As I find a snipit of time here and there to share my life and thoughts, I look forward to building the connections that make us who we are!

Who am I? I am a collaboration of all the people who have touched my life! Thank you all!

And stay tuned...

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