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I thought this was called Summer Break?

For our family, Summer break started about a month ago... I think? It has been so crazy around here that it's kind of hard to tell! Truth be told, I couldn't wait for Summer to arrive and provide a much needed break from juggling homeschooling along with everything else! I pictured warm days at the park with the kids, laying out by the pool, barbecuing on the porch, and just some good old fashon R&R. It really feels like the last month has been busier than ever!

I'm not complaining though, really.

About a week into Summer break, I was unexpectedly invited to be a Wire Wrap Demonstrator at the Culver City Gem and Mineral Show! I was so excited to be included, being that it is a fantastic show with a long waiting list! I really only had about a two week notice so it was a madhouse at my place in the pre-show preparations! The two days went amazing and I connected with hundreds of people over the course of the weekend! It was an honor to be invited back next year and it's definitely not one to miss!

Post-show has its own hurdles to clear for sure. So many emails, phone calls, and custom orders to manage. New classes to book, people to thank, and just a lot of non creative tasks! Good thing I love connecting with people or I think this part of my business would be like a sugar crash after a weekend of overindulgent chocolate binging! O.k., so it is a little like that! At times, it totally feels like one rollercoaster ride after another, and even those of us who love the rush have to admit, everyone needs a break in between!

This is my break. Talking with you. It's been so good to slow down and spend some time reflecting on the start of a crazy fun Summer! Whats coming up? The Antelope Valley Fair! This will be my first year competing and I can't wait to tell you all about it!

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