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Christine Janicki
Jewelry Artist / Instructor


I have been an artist as long as I can remember. Growing up in Southern California provided opportunities to express my creativity in many ways. Memories of waking down the street to Venice Beach as a child and seeing all the artists still sparks joy in my heart. 

After I married in the late 90's, I moved to Northern Nevada where I pursued Floral Design and began discovering my love of jewelry making. Through my twenties, thirties, and forties, I worked as a floral designer doing weddings and working in flower shops. Meanwhile I went about building what has now become my full time passion, Fine Designs by Christine. 

Over the years I enjoyed connecting with people at Gem and Mineral shows all over the southwest. Teaching classes and mentoring students has become such an enriching part of my life. As time moved on, we followed the Southwestern horizon until we found our home, settling in Arizona. Our two beautiful daughters are attending college in AZ and pursuing both academic and creative endeavors. You may have met them at a Gem and Mineral Show where they would sometimes help me with running my booth.

As I move into the "Adult Children Phase" I realize that I may not be any less busy as now I have the joy of helping my children pursue their life passions. Being an artist, business owner, wife, mom, and friend can feel like a lot sometimes. I guess that is the living of life and I am grateful for every moment.

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